Selects Program

The NBBA offers a Selects program for players with advanced skill sets and a desire for increased competitive opportunities beyond our house-league play. U14 and U16 Selects teams for girls and boys are formed by tryout from eligible Recreational Program players, and play other competitive teams in exhibition games and tournaments. The Selects program may be extended to other age levels with approval of the Executive Committee.

Program Operation

The Selects program is administered by the VP(s) Recreation with the support of the General Manager, and in consultation with the VP(s) Competitive as needed. Each Selects team will run only if a Coach is available and with sufficient player numbers and depth. The Coach will act as a liaison between the Recreational program and the Selects program to ensure all policies and procedures are adhered to for both programs.

Registration & Tryouts

The NBBA may set a non-refundable tryout fee of $20, and/or a Selects registration fee to cover additional club costs such as facilities.

Up to 15 players may be selected for each team (the OBA maximum). Players are asked to bring their NBBA jersey and their own ball to tryouts. Players must have participated in at least 70% of their house league games and practices to be eligible to try out.

Selects Season

Selects teams start in December/January, first allowing house-league players and teams to get familiar with each other and their house-league play. The Selects season is completed by the end of April.

Selects teams will practice once a week on Sundays until the end of their house-league schedule (Year-End Tournament), after that there can be two practices per week.

Selects team will not compete in the OBL-East League, but will play against other selects/competitive teams within the National Capital Region and Eastern Ontario in exhibition games and tournaments. They will likely play enough games to qualify for the Eastern Ontario Basketball Committee Championships, and may participate in the Ontario Cup if it is hosted locally.

The NBBA would like all Girls Selects teams to participate in the Mike O’Connor Memorial Tournament in February, and all Boys Selects teams to participate in the Mike Suys Wolverines Boys Invitational Tournament, also in February. Teams may attend additional local tournaments.


Selects play is in addition to house league. Select players will maintain a primary commitment to the house league teams, which Select coaches will recognize and balance their program plans accordingly. Select players cannot miss their Year-End Tournament for any Selects function. A player quitting the recreation program can no longer play in the Selects program.

Players are otherwise expected to attend all Selects events (i.e., practices and games). There will be no practices during the March break. Selects players must receive permission from their recreation coach to play/practice with the Selects team if there is a conflict, i.e., they both have games/practices at the same time. Priority must be with their recreation team.

Team Costs

Teams will be self-funded. Team fees will be collected to cover OBA fees, tournament entry fees, referee fees for exhibition games, and other discretionary team expenses.

It is essential that parents of players volunteer for team administration duties.