Competitive Program

The Nepean Blue Devils have grown to be one of the most successful competitive programs in the province, with teams often finishing in the top 10 in their age group in provincial rankings. The NBBA offer a competitive boys and girls team at each age group (U10, U11, U12, U13, U14, U15, U16, U17 and U19). A high level of commitment is expected from players selected for a competitive team. Players are expected to attend all practices, games and tournaments.

If a sufficient number of players register, the club may choose to run multiple competitive teams for a given age group. At times, the club may decide to combine a lower level age group (e.g. U13) with a higher-level age group (e.g. U14) in order to field the additional competitive team(s).

Players who are not chosen for a competitive team are encouraged to play in the Nepean recreational (or development) program. The Nepean recreational program offers players at the U13 and higher level the opportunity to practice once a week and play in a regional recreational basketball league comprised of teams from other clubs in the EOBA.

  • Competitive coaches have a wealth of basketball knowledge and experience and are NCCP certified (Level 1 up to U12, Level 2 from U13 to U19). Coaches are also selected based on their respect for others, fair play, commitment, and leadership, teaching, feedback, and communication skills.
  • NBBA coaches also participate in a number of coaching clinics throughout the year and are supported by the Club Technical Director.
  • Competitive teams participate in the Eastern Ontario Baketball Association (EOBA) League, as well as local and out-of-town tournaments throughout the season.
  • All competitive teams are given four hours of practice each week.
  • For the 2021-22 season, the cost of the Competitive Program is $465 plus a non-refundable tryout fee of $15 for U10 and $465 plus a non-refundable tryout fee of $25 for U11 to U19. The registration fee covers:
    • All EOBA and Ontario Basketball Association (OBA) registration fees for teams, coaches and players.
    • Referee fees for 10 EOBA League games and the EOBA Championship tournament at the end of the season (up to a maximum of $300).
  • Any and all additional team fees will be set and collected by individual teams.
  • Families can expect to incur additional costs when participating in out-of-town tournaments (i.e. hotel and food).
  • Transfer Fee: As outlined by Ontario Basketball, an OBA coach or player participating in a competitive rep program must complete a transfer should he/she want to join another OBA member club. The fee to transfer a coach/player within the terms of this policy is $50 payable to NBBA who will then forward to Ontario Basketball. The fee is administrative and will be split between OBA and the member club the player is leaving. The $25 received by OBA will be invested in grassroots, community-based basketball programming. The NBBA agreed to waive this transfer fee for the 2021-22 season.

U10 Competitive

The U10 Competitive Program is geared towards players who are interested in playing competitive basketball at the U11 level, and usually have played at least one year of Developmental basketball or are above-average athletes.

Each week the U10 Competitive group will work with their coaches in developing their basketball skills which will serve as a foundation in their development as a basketball player and an understanding of the game. The skill development will be taught in the context of a number of drills, individual work and games the players will participate in during each session, using regular (10-foot) rims. ​The players will have 3 to 4 hours of practice sessions each week. The team will participate in the boys or girls U12 House League and have games scheduled about every other Saturday. The cost of the U10 Competitive Program is $465 (+ a $15 non-refundable tryout fee). The registration fee covers 10 EOBA League games (U10), as well as the EOBA Championship tournament at the end of the year.


U10 Competitive Boys Practices

Monday evenings at St. Andrew Catholic School from 6:15 pm to 7:45 pm
Thursday evenings at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton School from 6:15 pm -7:45 pm


U10 Competitive Girls Practices 

Tuesday evenings from 6:15 pm to 7:45 pm at Monsignor Paul Baxter Elementary School
Friday evenings from 6:15 pm to 7:45 pm at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton School

Participating in the U10 Competitive Program requires a high level of commitment from both the parents and players. Players (ages 8 and 9) who are not able to make this commitment are welcome in the U10 Intermediate program, or in the U12 Development program if the U10 Intermediate program is full.



  • Tryouts are normally held in mid September.
  • There is a $15 non-refundable tryout fee.
  • Coaches can select up to 15 players, and will refer any remaining players to the other programs.

2021-22 Season

The NBBA intends to field one team at each age level, but will add additional teams if possible.

Team Selections for U11 to U19 Competitive Teams

In general, each competitive team has two tryout dates. This can vary depending on the number of player registered for competitive tryouts. If a large number of players register for an age group three tryout dates may be held. If a low number of players register for an age group then the tryouts for multiple teams may be held at the same time. Players wishing to play up an age group must consult with the VP Competitive prior to the first tryout and follow the NBBA playing-up policy.

  • The selection process is based on a number of factors including physical characteristics, endurance, attitude, coachability, intensity, basketball skills such as shooting, dribbling and rebounding, and team play (see selection criteria of the OBA athlete selection policy). Coaches are encouraged to give preference to returning NBBA players.
  • Based on the evaluation of the above criteria, the team’s coaching staff will select the 10 to 12 players.
  • The selection process can commence after the first, second, or third tryout dates and is usually based on the number of players trying out.
  • Should a player not be selected for a competitive team, they will be released to the Recreational Program (if they have registered to secure their spot) and attend the sort-outs.

Questions about the Competitive Program can be emailed to Brenda Highmore (VP Girls Competitive) or JC Frechette (VP Boys Competitive).