Competitive Program

The Nepean Blue Devils have a very successful competitive program. The NBBA offers a boys team and girls team at each age category from U10 to U19, and will add a second team for any given age group if possible, often combining a lower age group (e.g. U13) with a higher age group (e.g. U14) to field an additional team. Levels of play for competitive teams typically range from A to AAA, but can include AAA+ (high-performance teams).

Participation in the competitive program requires a high level of commitment from both players and parents. Players are expected to attend all practices, games and tournaments. Parents are equally important, not just as chauffeurs and spectators, but as volunteers to fill roles including team manager and treasurer, parent on duty, and table officials.

If you have questions about the Competitive Program, please contact Brenda Highmore (VP Girls Competitive) or JC Frechette (VP Boys Competitive).