U12 Development

Our U12 development program offers boys and girls ages 10-11 a safe and fun basketball environment. The U12 program concentrates on teaching fundamental basketball skills (dribbling, footwork, shooting, ball handling, passing, receiving, movement, agility) to players who are new to the sport or players who are interested in playing recreationally.

When establishing Recreational and Development teams, the NBBA has a policy of ensuring that teams are evenly balanced in calibre. This ensures the best playing experience for our athletes. It also allows our athletes to experience playing with different players from year to year further enriching their playing and social experience. The NBBA is therefore unable to take friend, car-pooling or playing time/location requests when forming U12 development teams.

At the beginning of the season the players are placed on a team of 10-12 players and assigned a coach. Each Saturday the team will either practice for 90 minutes or will play a game against other U12 development teams. At the start of the season the club places more emphasis on practice and team development and will alternate a practice one week and game the following week. Towards the end of the season the club will place more emphasis on games and alternate three weeks of games and one week of practice.

U12 games are 8 shifts of 4 minutes each (stop time), with equal participation and halfcourt person-to-person defence (see Club Policies).

The Club organizes a Mid-Year Showdown (around Christmas) and a Year-End Tournament.

The Club also hosts Open Skill Sessions for U12 development players, with separate boys and girls sessions held once a week on a weeknight. Skill sessions are an optional, extra opportunity offered by the club to help players further develop their skills, and are led by one of the club technical coaches.

Here are times and locations for 2022-23.

Questions about the girls or boys U12 development program can be emailed to Susan Enns (VP Girls Development) or Jason Pickering (VP Boys Development), respectively.