U8 and U10 Development

Boys and girls ages 6 to 9 are introduced to the game of basketball, with two age groups for girls and for boys:

  • U8 – generally ages 6-7
  • U10 – generally ages 8-9

Children who have never played are welcome. The emphasis is on teaching fundamental basketball skills such as dribbling, shooting, layups, passing, receiving, defending, footwork, and agility.

U8 and U10 players are divided into teams of eight players and assigned to a team coach/instructor.

Each week the U8 and U10 teams will work with their instructors in developing skills which will serve as a foundation in their development as basketball players. The skill development will be taught in the context of drills and modified games that the players participate in during each session. The players use 8-foot rims and a size 5 basketball.

Players will participate in 3-on-3 Festivals that introduce the players to team play, where they will start to learn to put the skills they are acquiring into the context of a game.

The U8 and U10 development programs are limited to 32 players per group, if demand is higher, attempts will be made to schedule additional groups (coaches and gym time permitting).

When forming U8 and U10 teams, the NBBA has a policy of ensuring that teams are evenly balanced, ensuring the best playing experience for players. The NBBA is therefore unable to take friend, car-pooling or playing time/location requests.

U8 and U10 sessions are held on Saturdays at schools in Barrhaven. Each session is 90 minutes long. The season runs from late September/early October until the end of March. Gym allocations may change from season to season.

Volunteers are essential. See Volunteer, including a link to the Coaching Volunteer Form for 2023-24.

Questions about the girls or boys U8 & U10 development program can be emailed to Susan Enns (VP Girls Development) or Jason Pickering (VP Boys Development).