Blue Devils Virtual Basketball Training Sessions

Although the current lockdown prevents the NBBA from offering in-person winter training sessions, we are pleased to present FREE live online basketball training sessions to all club members, delivered on Saturdays via Zoom, starting January 9th. Weekly sessions will be offered during the lockdown, and possibly afterwards as well. The format is similar to the virtual athletic training we are offering through CANAM Strength and Conditioning on Wednesdays.

There will be two sessions each Saturday, one targeted to players ages 8 to 11, another for players 13 to 18. Each session will run about 45 minutes. Players can participate in either or both sessions to find their comfort level, and work with teammates.

Each session will be coached live by a current or former Blue Devils player, using drills that can be done indoors at home with limited space, e.g., stationary ballhandling and dribbling, lie-down form shooting, triple threat, and defensive footwork. Here is the schedule:

  • Saturdays 10 A.M. – targeted to players 8 to 11
    • With Coach Dasia McDonald, Blue Devils summer-camp coach and long-time player (currently U19), grade 12 student and basketball player at St. Mother Teresa.
  • Saturdays 11 A.M. – targeted to players 12 to 18
    • With Coach Cassandra Vena, 3rd-year university student, Blue Devils coach and former player, City of Ottawa camp counsellor.

Players will need a ball and a water bottle; if coaches request other equipment (e.g. a tennis ball) there will be advance notice.

Players are encouraged to work on their own too, with YouTube drills available for reference (see At-Home Indoor Drills, also Summer Camps).

We will send a reminder and link each week. There’s no need to pre-register or email to confirm participation, just click and join, changed and ready to work.

See you on Saturdays!